Introduction to SOLIDWORKS Composer

Engineering design data can be considered some of the foundational information that builds a business' success. Without it, building a sustainable product would be possible, but improbable of sustaining growth and competing in all of the industries that use 3D design data as their principle IP.

In today's engineering and design world, more companies are finding that this CAD data can be extended into multiple other business units to streamline their tasks and producing content such as marketing initiatives, 2D assembly instructions, interactive shop floor guidance, online user part replacement catalogs, online assembly instructions, technical animations and more!

This website was put together to highlight some of the content that SOLIDWORKS Composer is able to generate from ANY CAD file type. Feel free to watch a few of the example videos below and navigate around to learn more about the deliverables. If you are interested in seeing the product in action, check out the MISC page for additional links to how to videos and other user interface content. ENJOY!